I tell visual stories and custom Showit websites for female-led brands.



The first thing to know about me is that once I’m on your team, I am your biggest cheerleader. I treat every brand as though it were my own business baby, and I am every bit as invested as you in its success.


I don’t just do pretty. Every facet of the brands I create is meaningful and rooted in strategy, using handcrafted details and thoughtful design to ensure that each element resonates deeply with your audience.


I love to create, experiment and explore every corner of a creative brief to find new and unique ways of telling your story like no-one else can.

Your brand is so much more than just your logo; it is the story that you weave for your audience that makes what you offer tangible, resonant and irresistable. 

The outcome of my branding process is a visual narrative that is honed and crafted specifically to speak directly to the heart of your ideal client. Wherever and however they first encounter your brand, we aim for them to feel seen, that they have come home, that they have found their tribe, and that they resonate with your story deeply and honestly.   

I believe in the power of strategic storytelling

"You have a beautiful gift to see people and tell their story. I am so glad I found you.”

My signature branding process, designed to work from the foundations up to build a visual identity which is strategically conceived, beautiful to look at, and crafted to work cohesively across your entire business. A complete visusal system that will cut through the noise and speak directly to the heart of your dream client or customer base.

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Brand Signature


timeline - 6-8 weeks

In-depth brand strategy
Creative direction and concepting
Primary logo
Secondary logos
Brand identity system including logo alternates, brand marks and lockups
Brand colour palette
Typography styling
Brand patterns or illustrations
Brand guidelines
Art direction guide for photography & social media

what's included


We begin with strategy and structure, the foundation stones of your visual brand. We dive into the heart behind what you do, your reason and your mission, and we correlate that with the needs, desires and behaviour of your dream audience to make sure that your brand story speaks directly to them in their own love language.

Only once we have that solid groundwork in place do we begin the design exploration phase, and hone and refine your creative concept into a cohesive and beautiful visual identity that reflects every facet of your brand.

Deliverables include your full brand system of logos, graphics, patterns & illustrations, delivered in a range of file formats to ensure that you have everything you need to put your brand to work, as well as a detailed set of brand guidelines to help you to use your brand assets cohesively and confidently.

The outcome is a visual narrative that is honed and crafted specifically to speak directly to the heart of your ideal client. Wherever and however they first encounter your brand, we aim for them to feel seen, that they have come home, that they have found their tribe, and that they resonate with your story deeply and honestly. 

Combining my signature branding process with a completely custom website design that will elevate and position your brand apart from the competition. Our aim is to create an immersive online home for your brand, with each bespoke detail designed with your dream audience in mind.

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Brand & Website


timeline - 3-4 MONTHS

Brand signature process
Full visual brand identity system
Website content guide, structure and creative direction
Fully custom website design
Website design developed and built with Showit
Mobile responsive design
Launch graphics toolkit
Video tutorials to give you the freedom to manage and update your site moving forward
3 weeks of design support post-launch

what's included


My signature branding process is the starting point for each project, focusing in on the strategy, structure and foundations we need to craft an effective visual identity. Find all the info on the branding process here.

Website design is about more than pretty visuals. We'll work together to plan a site map and user navigtion that strategically engages your audience and ensures that they are signposted to the information they need to take action.  

Once we've established the design, your site will be built and implemented in Showit5. No templates here; I start each and every custom site design from a totally blank page and craft each and every element to embody your brands unique story.

Handover of your shiny new online home comes with a tutorial video walkthrough of the backend of your site to make sure that you can confidently take ownership moving forward, as well as three weeks of support post launch to answer any questions or iron out any last details.

Created for brand new business founders and entrepreneurs who value strategic design and know that a brand is more than just a logo, this pared back version of my signature brand package will give you a clear, authentic and beautiful core brand on a budget. 

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Brand Foundation


timeline - 4 weeks

Mini brand strategy
Visual direction moodboard
Primary logo
Secondary logo
Brand marks x3
Brand colour palette
Typography styling
Brand stylesheet

what's included



Business or notecard design

Packaging design

Instagram template toolkit

additional services

Photoshoot art direction
Print collateral
Instagram template toolkit
Packaging design
E-book & digital product design

love note

“She’s intuitive, and her designs are as beautiful as they are unique. Her ability to turn words and feelings into visual images is truly something special.”





You are wildly passionate about your business (or the seed of an idea!) and you need your visual identity to speak to the fire at the heart of your brand.


You understand and place value in the importance of great design to communicate and elevate your brand story in a way that will captivate your dream audience, and you're ok with taking the time to get it right. 


We don't do trendy, faddy or cookie-cutter here - my design style focuses on timeless elegance and thoughtful details that reference the meaning behind your brand, with just a touch of magic and wanderlust.



Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely! A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total project cost is made upfront to secure your booking in my calendar, with the remaining balance split into a further two payments over the course of our work together. If you need even more flexibility just ask, I will do everything I can to make the investment work for you and your business! 

can you design 'just a logo'?

After years of experience and 100s of projects, I believe confidently and whole-heartedly in a holistic approach to creating a custom visual brand, and my offerings are shaped around that approach. If your goal is to elevate your brand experience, see a significant ROI and speak strategically and directly to your audience, you're going to need more than just a logo - that's why I only offer branding packages that focus on building a cohesive visual system on a foundation of strategy.

I need a new website next week, can you help?

Probably not! The average timeframe for a brand & website project is around 3-4 months, and I usually book out my available project slots 2-3 months in advance. I don't take rush fees, as this usually means bumping another client down my to-do list to make room, and I take on a limited number of new clients each month to ensure that each and every project has my full attention.

why showit?

I implement all custom website designs using Showit5. The reason for this is freedom - for me as a designer, as it frees me from coding limitations and allows me to create something entirely bespoke from scratch; and for you as a client, because it is an accessible and user-friendly platform allowing you the freedom to update your copy and photography without having to hire a pro every time. You can even hook up your Wordpress blog to integrate seamlessly with your new site, offering the best of both worlds. 

Ready to tell your story?


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